Toner Detection Error on Konica Minolta 4695MF

My Konica Minolta 4695MF printer appears to have developed a "Toner Detection Error" fault. The toner cartridge has been checked and shows no fault but the printer still indicates "no Yellow Toner" even when the chip was replaced on the cartridge.

Does anyone know how I can fix this error please?

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Upon a little more investigation with a flashlight, it appears that the issue may rest with the sensor contacts on the printer - as it looks like the centre contact is fully extended but the 2 either side are not. So, I suspect that they are not making proper contact with the chip.

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I have a few things you can try.

1. Make sure that the installed cartridges are compatible with your printer and that they are unmodified

2. Use the following items to clean the cartridge and carrier.

Clean cotton swabs, lint-free cloth, or any soft material that will not come apart or leave fibers (coffee filters work well).

Clean, distilled, filtered, or bottled water. Tap water might contain contaminants that could damage the cartridge.


Do not use platen cleaners or alcohol to clean the cartridge contacts. These can damage the cartridge or the printer.

3. Factory reset the printer, sorry i do not have the steps for this.

4. Replace the problem cartridge.

Hope this helps , Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. We already ascertained that the cartridge isn't the problem. It was first re-chipped and then tested by the supplier when that didn't solve the problem - so the problem must be on the printer side.

PS. I should have mentioned, it was working fine for some time, then the printer just decided it wasn't there any more!?!

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were you able to do a factory reset?

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