The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro is a 13 inch simple and easy to use hybrid laptop, created by Toshiba in 2014

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Frameless Keyboard key/button came off how to fix it back in

The retainer/fringe clip is still attached to the key cap but how to put the whole thing back in the board , my laptop is S55t B5233 and there is no help on any where else on internet with pictures whatsoever with the same keyboard

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To be honest, when someone brings me their KeyBoard with a key that has come off i actually slowly and carefully take another key off their KB, to see how that one went on there, and by the powers of deduction i put both back on the same way, some might not suggest doing this but it IS something you can try, i have done this plenty and usually it goes back on the KB in a completely different way than i thought thats why i remove one before attempting, or at least raise one up enough so u can see under it to see how it is positioned blah blah blah...

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