Xbox 360 Controller disconnects when moving

Probably the problem is that some connection is broken in the cable and that disconnects when i make any move. The controller works perfectly if I hold it steady but if I make any move it will disconnect for a second and re-connect again. I must say too that im completely sure that it isn't a problem with the usb because I tried to move the cable while holding the controller steady but it keeped connected and nothing happened so I think that the problem must be in the connection between the cable and the controller. I want to make clear that the strange part of this is that it disconnects for like half a second or less and reconnects immediately. I'm a complete noob at this subject and any help will be apreciated. Sorry if my english was not perfect, it isn't my native language. Thanks again and have a great day.


I will add that the joystick has like 3 or 4 years of use (as main controller) so idk if that is important but it may help.

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