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Why is touch screen not working?

I was replacing a screen on an iPod touch and had to replace the bezel. After I replaced the bezel and put the new screen on everything worked except the touch screen. I even put the old screen back on to see if it was a bad screen but that didn't work either. I think it may be the adapter but i'm not exactly sure. I have tried to reset it but nothing it working. Thanks.

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Make sure you are connecting the digitizer correctly. If You are then look for damaged connector. I've seen a few where connector on logic board is damaged due to incorrect placement attempts

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If this was the problem which it most likely is, would there be a way to fix the connector on the logic board?

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Yes they are replaceable. This is the part you would need to buy This part replacement requires micro soldering. If you need further assistance let me know.

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Thank you or your help I actually put the screen into the bezel and it started working fine. Thanks again

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Nice! glad it worked, placing those can be tough sometimes :)

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