Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM-G870A는 2014년 6월에 출시되었습니다. 이 기기의 수리는 광범위하며 휴대폰 도구 키트 및 열선총이 필요합니다.

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Cant take photos on my s5

When i try to take picture on my s5 its saying camera failed and turns off

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1. First start with a simple restart which might solve camera failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S5. Hold the power button and the home button for seven secs until the phone turns off/ Vibrates

2. Open Settings > Application manager and then go to Camera app. Click on Force stop, Clear data and Clear cache.

3. Try to clear the cache partition which might solve camera failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S5. To do that power off your phone and then hold and press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons. . Release the buttons when you see the Android system recovery screen appears. Highlight Wipe Cache partition using Volume down key and press the Power key to select the option. Then check if the problem is solved.

4. There is a possibility that an app which uses the camera functions is causing camera failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S5. For example, flashlight apps may cause this problem. So boot your Galaxy S5 into Safe mode. If the camera works in Safe mode, then definitely it’s an app that you have installed on your phone is causing this problem. So uninstall it. To boot samsung galaxy s5 into safe mode – Turn off your phone. While holding the power button, keep pressing the menu key (Left of the home button)

5. If you use microSD card to save photos, then save the photos somewhere else and remove the card to see if this is the thing that is causing camera failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S5.

6. The last step is factory reset after back up your phone’s important data.

>Navigate to Settings>Backup and Reset > tap on Factory Data Reset > click Reset Device

But if nothing of the above steps works to fix camera failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S5, then there is a problem with the phone’s camera. So you will need to contact with the retailer or Samsung and ask for a replacement.

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