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2006 Nissan Frontier dash light wont go away after sensor replacement

2006 Nissan Frontier. Dash warning light comes on. Have replaced both fuel sensors. Light stayed off for a week then came back on. Computer reads Catalytic converter needs to be replace. That said, it runs great! Good gas mileage, exhaust is great etc. what else could it possibly be?

Update (09/15/2015)

sorry! I meant the dash warning light. To clarify, both fuel sensors were replaced.

thank you so much for your help

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maria1519, what are your referring too by "both fuel sensors light up"?

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Do you mean oxygen sensors when you say fuel sensors? What is the actual code that the obd is throwing. To test your catalytic converter measure the temperature on the pipes just before and just after the converter with a Infrared Thermometer . The engine should be warmed up and revving at 2000rpm when taking the temp. The temp should be higher after the converter if all is right with your CC. Let us know the codes and maybe we can help more

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