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Is the screen completely useless or can I fix it?

So a few weeks ago my iPod was thrown across the room by a toddler and it was in a case well I checked and everything seemed to be fine until I looked at the top and the back of the aluminum case was completely bent away from the glass. The glass isn't cracked or chipped or broken but I did manage to bend the aluminum back into place. The screen has a few lines running vertical on the left side and where they run the touch screen doesn't work well--it's very touch and go. Now I can use it sometimes but it's picky when it decides to actually work. Does it seem like I should buy a whole new screen or is it more likely some of my cables came undone?

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tiffanysue2013, the display will take the hardest hit on that one. You do want to replace it. Yes, there is always the possibility that the cable has become unseated, but that is unlikely

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