car won't crankor start

Car was crankin, now it won't crank, i put 10.00 worth of gas in it but the gas is not getting up to the level. also when i fill the return jug with water it runs back out before i can pull off.

Update (09/22/2015)

my car is a 1998 Mazda 626 LX and the return jug is the reservior jug that the anti freeze goes into that goes into the radiator.

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Deborah, we need a lot more information. Does it turn over? Have you checked the battery? Do your headlights turn on? Do they turn dim when you try to start your Mazda? How long has the cooling reservoir container been leaking? Have you checked if you have coolant in your radiator? What level are you referring to with your fuel (10$ of gas)? What have you checked?

Is you car overheating are there any red lights on the dash

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