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The non-magenetic screw instruction is wrong

Three times, I’ve tried to correct the non-ferrous/non-magnetic screw instructions for both the 5 and 5s.

iPhone 5s Home Button Replacement

Each time, the correction was denied by iFixit staff.

Why? It’s obvious to anyone who has fixed a 5 or 5s that the instructions are wrong, and worse, the instructions that are there on the site will damage the device and screw with the magnetometer when reassembled.

The non-magnetic screw is longer and in the upper right, not shorter or in the lower left.

Why were the corrections denied and why three times?

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cs, that may have to do with you not having enough reputation points to make those changes. Looks like you will need 30,000 for that. You may have more luck contacting the ifixit staff directly on here or leave a comment/question on here. It is more frequently visited by the ifixit staff.

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That or get to posting

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You're right, it's wrong. I have no idea

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They're wrong about a lot of things. I just use the guides to have some idea about the internal layout, after that you're on your own.

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