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no signal from computer to moniter

Their is no signal from my Asus essentio to the monitor . The monitor is working fine as I have cctv cameras attach to monitor and it is displaying them fine, I have also checked cables which are all fine. This has lead me to believe that this could be the graphics card . I have taken a look inside the computer and I can t see the normal set up with a removable graphics card attached to the vga port so I am now wondering if the whole motherboard needs replacing. Thanks

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haguehags ,

Hope Why wont anything come on monitor screen? answer will hep you to get idea to fix you PC

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this isnt hel[ full

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Check the monitor for which type of input signal it is currently set for.

- there should be a choice within the set-up options for Dvi, HDMI, Display port or whichever cable type the Pc is connected to the monitor with.

- insure that the cctv cameras are not set as the default source.

Hope this helps in attaining a signal.

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asus pentium3 power ok ram clean ok showing signal ditected

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