1993 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 Wierd Brake light issue

I have a 93 C1500. My issue is no brake lights. I have replaced the fuse, brake light switch, circuit boards, bulbs with no results. I have checked connections and power is getting to all the connectors. I also have discovered my cruise control is out too. My brake warning light comes on at 35mph. My brakes function as they should. It has me baffled. Please help if possible. Time to take it to a wiring specialist I think. Is there a cruise control fuse in a 93 C1500? I have a 4wd fuse but do not have 4wd on the truck. Thats wierd too...wonder if the wiring has been done in the truck before. Strange. They worked at one time and one day poof... no brake lights. HELP!

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