This is a stainless steel, 4 slice toaster oven. The model number is located on the bottom of the device. It has a single rack height and a removable crumb tray.

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Toaster Oven won't turn on

Why doesn't my toaster work when I turn the knob on?

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Make sure Timer is in 'Stay On' position otherwise oven will not come on!

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This could be a number of things.

  • Inspect the cord for any cuts or exposed wires
    • If the cord is damaged it should be replaced before anything else
  • Make sure that it is plugged in and that the outlet it is being plugged into is working
    • It can be checked by plugging in something that you know works into the same outlet and turning it on
      • If the outlet is not working, then that is probably the reason the oven will not work
  • Damaged internal wiring (This is very unlikely unless the oven has been taken apart since it left the factory)
  • Worn out heating elements or timer.
    • Unfortunately these can not be replaced because they contain welded connections

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