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DVD/CD player does not function after replacing hard drive

I installed a greater capacity hard drive on a friends MacBook Pro.

The drive works perfectly, but the CD/DVD player will now recognize nothing--no CDs nor DVDs.

We don't live in the same country at the moment, so I can't reopen the case to look for the problem.

Any ideas as to the cause? I don't think I touched any other connectors, but perhaps I accidentally did.


Stan Kossen

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Go to the system profiler to see if the drive is even seen for a possible disconnect. I would reset the SMC and PRAM. How was the system restored on the new drive?

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Mr Mayer. Thanks for the response. The system was restored with a clean install of Snow Leopard.

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HOW did you do the clean install? If in target mode, was the processor a G5 or Intel?

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I think I misled. I clean installed Leopard before I changed the hard drive. I made a SuperDuper clone of the internal hard drive. Then I booted from the SuperDuper clone, and copied that to the internal hard drive.

It is has an Intel processor. Thanks for your interest and input.

Later I changed the internal HD, and it was then that the DVD no longer functioned.

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