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Installation of iOS <9.x on A1460 iPAD 3


I am a little bit lost ... I would like to install iOS 6, 7 or 8 to an iPAD 3 (model A1460). This model is described as "shipped with iOS 6" but I cannot install iOS less 9.1 to it.

I found a website which says this model does only accept iOS 9.x, but also 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 installation does not work (I am booting the iPAD to maintenance mode and try to install via iTunes, forcing selection of ipsw file via ALT key).

I am wondering, as the iPAD is from 2014, where no iOS 9.x was available AFAIK.

Can anybody help me to force the installation of a lower version?

Thanks in advance.


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Not possible unless you hack it. Apple has full control over which version of iOS you install to the device.

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Hi Tom

Yes - I already read a bunch of articles about it ... :-(

I asked here, because I thought it could be done in a "normal" way.

Thanks anyway for help.

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As tom said there is no official way to do that. you have to break the jail to downgrade the IOS

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download the isp and hold shift when you click update/ restore and click your ipsw

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Is the usage of the shift key different in its effect from the option (alt) key? I already tried to install ipsw by using option key (which enables selection of ipsw), but if I try to install anything below 9.1 it says that the iPad is not compatible with that version - and I am wondering, as I said, as this version of iPad was shipped with iOS6 in the beginning.

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Should have mentioned, I am running Mac OSX Mavericks and newest iTunes - just tried the way with using Shift, but it does not offer the file selection window :(

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Just to add this: using SHIFT or ALT key (depends on the OS I guess) is just for restoring manually but by using an officially signed ipsw.

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