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How to recharge a dead iPod?

2yrs old,classic 30GB ipod , dead after dropping on hard floor 2x, not charge at all, responseless to connection to pc...

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this looks like a connection has broken inside because of the drop. you may have to open it to check if you are comfortable doing so, or have it repaired (quoted) by a professional

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Let your iPod recharging during an hour: if your battery is very discharged, you can have a hope.

Also, you can reboot it: press the central and the MENU button during 5-6 seconds (if the lock button is enabled, unlock it).

Else, if it doesn't react at all, the hard drive may be dead (don't forget, an hard drive is very fragile).

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Hey now I have a ipod 30Gb,classic how can i replace the battery!and where can i get the battery.thanks!

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lawrence, it is better if you ask your own question and give as much detail as possible. "Me Too" does not work on here. Your question shows up as an answer to an old question that was already accepted. Click on the link on the right hand side of this page "Ask a Question" give as much detail as possible as in what happened and what have you tried to fix it. Good Luck

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

BTW the 30GB is not a iPod Classic. It is a 5th gen iPod Video. The Classic starts with the 6th gen.

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