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Line of Dell laptops designed for business users, mostly manufactured by Compal and Quanta.

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Cursor Floats By Itself

My Dell Latitude E650 has a mouse cursor that floats all by itself. Sometimes goes to top right corner - sometimes to the bottom left. I have adjusted pointer sensitivity, used wired mice, wireless - nothing helps. Reloaded drivers. It will go days being fine and then days of issues. Sometimes unusable. If you apply pressure and/or tweak the front right corner of the laptop you can change the results. I know others have reported this issue. Is it a motherboard replacement? Touchpad? Other. Help.

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Had a similar problem with my Dell c610. Like you I could make it come and go at will, although making it "go" was harder than making it happen! I think that it is a poor design (either case or motherboard layout) problem, which I think actually "short circuits" something - didn't bother to find out what - when pressure is applied in a certain area around the touchpad. In the end with mine, I opened the laptop and placed insulating material (cut open an anti static bag from an old video card, cut a piece to what I thought was a suitable size) and just lay it over the motherboard, around the touchpad "sensitive" area. Basically insulating the touchpad from what was below it. After that no more problems until I upgraded to a newer laptop, 2 years later.

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