Why is the bottom third of my screen extra bright & flickering?

Out of nowhere the bottom third of my display is much brighter than the rest of the screen unless my brightness is above 50% and set manually. Now in addition both the top and bottom thirds of the screen are prone to flickering as though lightning was striking my phone from another dimension. It's lived in an Otterbox Defender its whole life, never gotten wet, and only taken a couple leaps from a lap to a hard wood floor since I got it, but those were over six months ago. Thoughts?

Possibly relevant: The computer at the desk where it normally charges has required two PSU replacements in as many years and I've recently added a line conditioner between the wall outlet and the surge suppressor to eliminate dirty power as a cause of hardware errata in that room of the house. If dirty power caused this as well, could it have caused damage elsewhere in the phone that render a display replacement insufficient to return it to mint condition?

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