maylong mobility tablet 295 has no sound

Hi I'm Xavier and I have a friend who purchased a maylong mobility tablet it worked fine for two months and then he says that there is no sound I tried everything I could think of adjusting the sound levels and a factory reset still no sound what could be the problem?

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Can you hear any sound when you use earphones?

No sound even with the earphones


Can't seem to find out but is there a paper clip sized reset hole in the tab? If so did you try to reset the tab this way or did you only do it through the Settings -Back up &Reset - Factory reset option? If you have a reset hole, it resets without losing any downloaded apps or user data. You may also wish to try and see if there are any "updates" available, go to settings - about tablet - system updates. You need to be connected to the internet for this.

My only other suggestion is to check that the tablet still has a valid warranty period left and make a claim for repair under warranty.

The sound came back for a lil while then it went back out

And there was a small pin hole in the back of it

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