Is there a way to repair this headphone?

Hi, I bought one year ago the monster n tune headphone and yesterday when I wanted to use it, I noticed that they were broken. Is there a way to fix this ? (look at the picture to see the problem)

Pictures :

Thank you !

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Seems really hard. I have the exact same concern. I may need to use a blow dyer to take the glue off.

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Wow ! I'm surprised that somebody even took the time to answer to this old question , thank you : ) I still have the headphones so please let me know if you manage to fix them. If that isn't the case, I though of only keeping the speakers and build a new headset around it but I currently lack of time to start a big diy project.

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Hi Sam! This is fun! I'm love the fact that we can discuss such obscure yet shared concerns on this website. Speaking to your idea of salvaging the speakers, i think its a great way to reuse these. Its a shame that fixing it is so hard, because they do sound great. Not happy with planned obsolescence .grrr...

I'm gonna try super glue, or epoxy, but my wires are frayed at the broken area. So i need to replace those as well.


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Hi guys! I know it's been way too long for this concern. any luck on fixing the the broken headphones?


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