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Windows 8.1 / 10 Graphic driver error

*Ok. So I did a format on my ASUS K501LX-DM014H.

*Preinstalled OS was Windows 8.1 64 bit and I already did a Windows 10 activation by installing it before the format.

*I got all the drivers for Windows 10 64bit from

*Did not connect the laptop to a network to configure it properly.

*Installed the drivers (BIOS was already updated to 206):

1. ATK (ATKAPCI V1.0.0040)

2. Chipset (Intel V10.1.1.7)

3. Card Reader (Realtek V10.0.10125.31214)

4. VGA (Intel V10.18.15.4268 and nVidia V10.18.13.5384)

5. Audio (Realtek V6.0.1.7581)

6. Wireless (Qualcomm V10.0.0.324 and ASUS Wireless Radio Control V1.0.0.4)

7. LAN (Realtek V10.2.703.2015)

8. Bluetooth (Qualcomm V10.0.1.2)

9. Others (Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework V8.1.10603.192,

Intel Management Engine Interface V11.0.0.1162,

Collaborative Processor Performance V1.0.0.1018,

Intel Rapid Storage Technology V14.6.0.1029)

10. TouchPad (ASUS Smart Gesture V4.0.5)


1. Laptop screen randomly freeze. Tried waiting 3-5min. no results. Can't do anything but reset (At any point and sometimes just before the OS starts. )

2. Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered.

I actually have this problem before when I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 before the format. When playing games this error happens and sometimes the screen freezes after.

I actually tried not installing the nVidia driver then the error disappeared. That's why I think it was the nVidia driver's fault. I tried the driver from ASUS and I also tried the updated one from Geforce but both failed. The thing is I could actually play games but sometimes I get the screen freezes or display driver stops responding error.

I need to use my laptop's GPU for games so I need a fix. Help!


1. Did I miss something?

2. What should I do?

3. If I can't get help here where?

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I have a similar "stopped responding and recovered" message when playing games. It also mentions that the driver is intended for 8.1 windows. When I try to download Win10 drivers from Intel it says I need to get my drivers directly from laptop manufacture, but I haven't found an Asus intel drivers for Win10... Anyone know what to do??

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Go to the Nividia site. Try getting the driver right before the one you had, it sounds like the driver it is recommending is not quite compatible with what you are running, you might try going in to the device manager and do a roll back driver, that worked for me in windows 7, not sure if things work the same in 8.

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If the driver from official website can work properly , try to use the 3rd-party program to install compatible drivers for Windows 10. Driver Talent ever helped me fix it!

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