kinect broken, is it for this reason?

Hello to everybody,

congratulations for the kinect disassemby guide, my problem was that the kinect was not leveled never, and motor did not do anything. I extract the motor and this was in short, that is the first problem that i found.

Second was that there was any voltage in the outout for the motor, i realised that there was a resistor R500 not giving me this values, i changed it and now i have 3v for the motor, so i guess just changing this motor the kinect will start to work again. Is it this the correct voltage for the motor?

Third problem that i found and i a not pretty sure if it is actullay a problem, is that i have found 1 more resistor in the fan board, R330, that does not give me this value, should i change it or is it normal? And in the device conected next to the fan (i do not know exactly what one is) i have 1 more short.

Should i be worried about the problems in the fan board or jus fixing the motor will be enough?

Thanks, Happy New Year to everybody.

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