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SyncMaster 226BW blinks for "a couple of minutes" after turning it on.

I had this screen for about three years and its suddenly gone mad ;).

When i turn it on it just blinks, showing a black screen and my desktop. After a couple of minutes it works like a charm.

Same problem on DVI/VGA and on three different machines.

I guess it's kinda obvious what's going on -- just not to me :<.

Is there anything simple to fix it?

best regards

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Try counting the blinks. These may be diagnostic blinks. Here's the service manual:

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those blinks happen too frequently to count them.

(it's more like this:

(And btw i didnt find any "blink codes" in those manuals.)

Thanks anyway :)

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It's a well known problem and 3 years is about the time it starts on certain Samsung models (or even all models within a certain timeframe). The issue is the capacitors, they are from a sub par batch. Check out the youtube vids: ...On the right hand side of the page and it will become clear, even how you can fix it!

Mine was a SyncMaster 226CW me thinks.


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I fixed two Samsung 225bw lcds with this problem, by replacing three capacitors each (about $5 value total).

You can do the same, if you have a soldering iron, though it is not a difficult job. I found helpful information at:

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