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The Microsoft Surface RT (model 1516) is the first tablet released by Microsoft. It runs Windows RT, which is designed specifically for tablet functionality. Repairs for this device require screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Will not turn on. How do you determine what the issue is?

Windows RT tablet will not turn on. Power light is on charger. Can this be repaired? Microsoft says no. How do you determine if it is a battery issue vs hardware or software?

Update (01/16/2016)

The power light is on at the charger connection to the tablet. The tablet is over 2 years old. How long do the batteries normally last? If I open it up I do not understand what to do next?

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Is there any indication on the tablet that the charger is connected? Without power either external or internal (battery may be to low to start tab) nothing will work. That is the first step - determine if power is reaching the board, which means opening it up and progressing from there. It may be simple like a faulty power socket, but then again it may not be that easy and without schematics, tools etc it will be very difficult.

It may be better to try and sell it as "faulty, good for parts" whether as individual parts or complete is your choice, (here is a link to show you how to dismantle it Microsoft Surface Teardown ) to try and recoup some of the cost

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Hi, Bruce

Have you tried solutions 1 & 2 from this link?

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