Lenovo Thinkpad X61s throws a Fan Error

I replaced the CPU heatsink/fan assembly. I put grease on both dies without making contact with bare skin. I believe I put an appropriate amount of torque on the three screws on the CPU and the sole screw on the GPU. I'm using the 9-cell battery without the plastic extender piece.

I can hear the fan in motion by putting my ear to the vent hole. This laptop has only one fan. Some laptops have a second fan towards the latch, but this is not one of them.

I'm getting a Fan Error. This didn't happen with the original fan.

I believe the replacement fan is OEM. A decal indicates it was made by Toshiba.

I got another heatsink/fan. Looks similar to the first replacement. I ripped the pink, thermal pad on the GPU and discarded that.

I got the same Fan Error

Both fans looks like they are free from dust.

I may just try to clean the original part and use that, instead. Not even sure if that's possible, since the fan's magnetically driven.

I'm going to focus on the motherboard, but not sure what to look for except dust bunnies (original heatsink/fan was clogged/dirty).

Other thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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Can you 'feel' air coming out of the vent?

Here is a link to the service manual. It shows when you remove the fan sink that you have to pull out a cable. Has this been reinserted correctly? Does it only go in, in one direction? If you can't feel air coming out of the vent maybe the cable has been reversed and therefore the fan speed sensor wire is connected to the wrong terminal but the fan may still work but is revolving in the reverse direction. Scroll to p.96 Item 1 shown on drawing.

Also on p.190 191 it gives the part numbers for all the different model fans, depending on model and configuration. Presumably your replacements are the correct ones for your laptop. Just 'googling a couple of the FRU numbers they show up as 3 wire connectors. I assume that to make my theory right one of the outside wires is the speed sensor lead. If not and the middle wire is the sensor wire then maybe your replacement is sending the wrong type of signal or perhaps no signal at all. Have you got the right fan for your particular model?


If you've got the time here is some info that may be of interest.


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