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Battery health and charge cycles

I had a local Apple shop replace my battery in October 2015.

They replaced it with the last 4S battery they had on shelf and they only warranty the battery for 30 days.

I didn't aggressively test the battery, but it definitely lasted a minimum of 4 hours playing a video from M-GO in airplane mode and low brightness. But this doesn't jive with Apple's specifications for an iPhone 4S.

I installed an app called Battery Heath in January of 2016, and it reports a Cycle Count of 1258 (lifetime).

I am wondering if that's the cycle count of the individual battery or the iPhone 4S motherboard.

Additionally, I have noticed that Battery Health reports this battery as having a maximum capacity of 800 mAh, and sometimes jumps up to 900 mAh, but the original design scenario is supposed to be 1430 mAh.

I bought a new Stalion battery from Amazon and it failed the moment I unplugged the charger (at 47% is when it stopped charging), but during the charge cycle, it reported 1420 mAh. So it seems like there is some truth to the capacity reporting of Battery Health.

I regret failing to look at the cycle count (lifetime) field, and now that the Stalion battery has failed, I can't assess the scope of cycle count myself until I receive a replacement battery.

Hey, thanks for your help/wisdom/knowledge, and for taking time to help someone in need.

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Was it getting really good battery life the moment Apple replaced it?

Not sure about that app, but cycle counts should be for each individual battery and not the lifetime of the phone. Put that battery Apple installed back in and take it to Apple and have them check the cycle counts. If it really is 1258 cycles, that's literally impossible if you bought it back in Oct of 2015 (if it really is a new battery).

Some other explanation I can think of is that you're using some really cheap charger or the conditions in your area is terrible for the phone, like super cold or super hot.

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