The Asus X200MA is a portable touchscreen laptop with an 11.6" display. This device was manufactured in 2014 and is also identified as Asus X200MA-RCLT07.

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Why won't my laptop's screen work properly?

My asus laptop will turn on, and then the screen will glitch for a few minutes, and then it will shut down. It's only a year old. I've tried taking off the back, removing the battery for a couple minutes, and then putting it back together, but the problem was not solved. What do I do?

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Have you tried hooking it to an external monitor? When you disconnected the battery did you do anything to remove the static discharge like holding down the power button or removing the ram? Have you tested the ram one dimm at a time to see if theres a problem with the sticks of ram or dimm slots. Try the ram in one dimm slot then the other then try the other dimm in one slot then the other. let use know how it works out. Hope this helps

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the asus x200m is a buitl in ram motherboard

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