Power Adapter won't work; flashes green

My power adapter for my Macbook Pro randomly stopped working. It won't charge my Macbook at all now. I have tried other outlets with no luck. I have also tried my friends' chargers and they work fine, so the problem lies with the charger. I have reset the SMC & I have tried the 60 second test with the charger. When I do the 60 second test and plug the charger in, it will turn green and charge my macbook for a split second, then will turn off immediately. I just replaced this charger about 6 months ago as well. Any other suggestions?

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Are you using a aftermarket non apple charger? They are designed different and I have seen them cause all sorts of problems. Apple uses their own chip that communicates with the SMC on the motherboard. The charger you got is obviously not working you need another one make sure it's original.

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