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Which adhesive to use on subwoofer rubber surround

Which glue to use to fix a tear in my subwoofer rubber surround

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RTV silicone is what you might try. Also refer to the ifix it guide Subwoofer Rubber Surround Repair

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Black RTV ! I used it to rebuild 2-12 inch subs worked perfect without compromising any sound Subs are still working and sounding perfectly 5 year's later

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I've been reconing speakers for 20+ years and lately, since my old supplier is no longer in business, I have been using 3M #847 gasket adhesive. This stays pliable so you don't need to worry about the glue getting stiff and cracking and it gives you a bit of time to get the cone positioned correctly if you move it a bit while applying the glue. It comes in 2 colors, yellow and brown. I use the brown. Also, this is good enough to not worry about getting all of the old surround off. Yes, it needs to be as clean as possible, but a little here and there won't make a difference. I have used this to attach spiders as well.

There is special glue for attaching the cone to the spider and the dust cover to the cone though. Don't use this stuff for that.


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My directions for replacement of old foam surround with butyl rubber surround.

(Do not use weldwood on foam! Foam will disintegrate)

I use Weldwood contact cement.

(Shoegoo is too thick for this application don't do it.)

Peel top ring carefully as you will reuse.

Keep all solvent and glue to only contact areas, do not leave any foam bits on cone.

Peel old foam with care not to damage cone or tear spider below. most time old foam will just pull or rub off easy, I brush acetone carefully to melt the rest off.

Pre brush clean at glue areas only with acetone, cone edge, basket ring then dry be sure to have removed old foam or rubber.

IMPORTANT: Start with basket ring, then cone edge. Your new butyl will ripple if you use too much or do it first.

Both parts glued now get promptly attached again with care to keep cone centered.

Glue top ring on and don't worry about perfect adhesion to cone yet just set it face down for 10 min.

check for proper adhesion to cone again after 10 min the hi spots should press and stick now.

You can recheck high spots a few more times till mid cure or 30 min.

Lastly you can flip the speaker over and use the same glue or even super glue to do a gap fill under your speaker cone edge assuring no air gaps. Do not put glue on the flexible suspension part.

I leave any repair like this alone before testing 24 hours but you can re mount after a hour.

I use black permatex gasket cement on cone tears.

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Probably gorilla glue.

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no u need something flexable like fabric glue . U might need to put a few layers inside and out .Using something flexable will reduce noise that a nonflexabble glue will make also a nonflex glue will just tear again...

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Boys, this is an answer. Albeit a bad one. Just down vote it. It's wrong to remove it as not an answer.

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