Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Camera light and both front and rear camera won't work.

I installed a new iphone 6 LCD screen and digitizer assy. for my daughter. Everything went great and was working fine. After she received it, her only complaint was the speaker she puts up to her ear sounded terrible. I swapped the speaker out for the one that was on her old cracked screen and it sounded great. She loved the new screen and the way it sounds. But, after changing the speaker out she says neither camera (front or rear) works or the light works. She said the light won't turn on and both camera's just have a black screen. She is 20 and in college. I have been changing screens out for her starting with the iphone 3 and just about every model since and never had a problem. Can somebody give me a suggestion to try before I have to buy her a new phone please.

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Did you buy a screen with all parts pre installed? The parts on these are terrible.

Make sure you transfer over the original button to.

If you did buy a screen with pre installed parts, transfer over all the old parts.

Did you unplug the battery before removing and installing the screen?

Try unplugging the back camera and plug it back in.

Usually when the front camera or back camera doesn't work, you can't switch cameras, so maybe only one of them isn't working.

Like I said, make sure you transfer all old parts over.

Try a new front camera or back camera.

Once you've gone through these basic steps, it may be further damage than most can deal with/logic board damage. :-)

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Hi Johnny, there is a small IC called U2301 on iphone 6 motherboard that is responsible for giving the tension that allows both cameras to work. Is near the camera connector and covered with black glue but I'm linking a picture to show you where. You should check if you could have damaged it while removing the lcd, digitizer and camera connector on the board. Bye.

Block Image

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hi guys ! no need to desolder the IC. I just made a short between the 2 capacitors and it works !

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beetween which capacitors did you made short ?

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Hi, thanks :)

One question ... does this solution works on the iphone 6s too?


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Aside from the answer given by @busi89 , which is spot on btw, the other thing i would be checking is for long screw damage. Is it possible you mixed up the screws when reassembling the device? If so, you might have to send the device for board level repair. There's a few that can offer this service, and I'm going to assume based on his answer that James is one of those. There's also a link on my profile for a website that can help you find a trusted board repairer based on location. Hopefully that helps

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