Smaller, thinner, quieter model of the Playstation 2 (SCPH-7XXXX) released by Sony in September, 2004.

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Refusing to read disks

My ps2 slim has become excessively selective in reading disks. Even a brand new or little used disk will refuse to be read. It will only read certain disks, new OR worn. Is this old age on the laser or the motherboard?

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sniffswind from your description it does sound like a wore laser. You can try and clean it with some high grade isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Ultimately so, it sounds like it is in need of a replacement

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First thing I thought of was cleaning everything, as I'm used to really crappy used disks and an oddly dust prone household. Replacing might be a problem, because finding the stock for the old consoles is nearly impossible where I'm at.

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