will not start up

Had an issue with the logic board. Three compositors were blown. Even in this condition the computer would start up, but all I would see was a grey screen. Took the LB out got the correct compositors and had them replaced. After re-assembling the computer I got nothing at start up. Dead as a doornail. Is there something I missed?

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There's no way for us to tell without looking at it. Even looking at it doesn't help much. It's a money pit. Do a search on this site for "capacitors" for others experiences with dealing with these machines. I have a box with three of these boards that I've readied for shipment for repair. All will have a complete set of caps put in. If I get two of the three working I feel I'll be doing good. But these will be machines to use in the shop or for donation. Only after using them for a year would I feel safe in selling them and then I would warn the buyer.

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i like your honesty!

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