Black screen even after bluetooth module replacement


I have an old Nintendo Wii that used to work fine. But one day, I don't know why, it decided to show a black screen when I turn it on.

So I looked a lot on the internet and I found that it sometimes happens because the bluetooth module is dead. Indeed my Wiimotes don't sync anymore with the console.

So I bought a new bluetooth module and I replaced it with the iFixit tutorial.

It's not working any better. The Wii still get on, but the screen is still black and the wiimotes still don't sync.

I've read on internet that I should also replace the wifi module. But I'm wondering if it's necessary because even after changing the bluetooth module the wii still can't sync the wiimotes. So is it usefull to change the wifi module with that information ?

My Wii was jailbroken with the homebrew chanel and I don't think it is bricked, I tried to launch priiloader by pressing power and resest button but it does not do anything.

Thank you for your help and sorry for long post and bad english.

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