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Change screen meizu metal

Hey anybody can help me in change screen in meizu metal. I search for a tutorial and i didnt find nothing.

Thanks a lot.

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Here is a link that shows the dis-assembly of a Meizu MX5 (you don't state the model).

The dis-assembly starts at about 8:25 minutes into the video.

Hopefully it is of some help

Update (03/24/2016)


Here is a link for the Meizu M1.

Here is a link for the Meizu Metal.

Here is a link to the Meizu M1 Note also known as the Blue Charm

If the first two are the same phone, apologies. The naming of Meizu phones is very confusing.

It seems that all three videos show the same procedure for removing the screen.

Hopefully one of these is your phone and will be of some help..

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Sorry if i dont make it clear my model is the meizu m1 metal or it also have the name of meizu blue charm

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