My laptop shutdown by itself

hey everyone

pleeeeease help me

okay , 2 weeks ago i bought a dell laptop from someone

the first werk everything is okay

the second one i was using this laptop and it shutdown by itself

I tried to open it again but nothing happen third try it open and. After windows logo a green screen came out with a strange voice and the it shutdown again i tried to open it one more time , it actually opened , 10 minutes later it shutdown again i let it go . the next day i open it and everything was fine , the next 4 days also

Everything is ok but today it did it again i tried to open it a lot of times but sometimes i get a pink screen and then it shutdown sometimes a green one and mostly when i press the power button it wont turn on at all

these are my laptop specifications:

intel i3

4 gb ram

Hd Intel graphics

I really need help

i dont have money to fix it

I hope that someone could help me

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Hi, Try connecting the power adapter (turned on) and if possible an external monitor. Then turn on the laptop and see what occurs. See if both the screens show the same thing. Can you start it in 'safe mode' with no problems?

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By any chance is it overheating?

When it boots do the fans spin ok? You can place your finger at the vents to feel the airflow. Or do the fans seem to spin then stop?

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i dont think that this is the problem

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Im going to guess that your running windows 7. If you can get the laptop to boot go directly to the event viewer

One there find out what happened to cause the computer to shut down

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Now i cant even get tha t far

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What you are experiencing is unfortunate and it could be several different things. Without more information, I couldn't possibly give you a direct answer. Typically when a computer suddenly shuts off, it's something hardware related. I would recommend you take the computer to a repair center and let them take a closer look at the problem.

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Is that a brand new laptop or second hand sold? If it is brand new then you can still avail the warranty of that device, try to get back to the store where you place an order of that or call customer support asap.

If it sold as second hand then you need to check the components specially the video card.


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