New microwave stopped heating

I have a brand new Sharp R-559Y microwave that has had one item warmed up for one minute and two days later another for 30 seconds. Worked fine. On the second day, after my first item took 30 seconds, I then put in a glass bowl of frozen broccoli and turned on for 5 minutes. It started sounding a little loud and I thought is sounded more like a vibration. I tried to touch each side to see if the vibration would stop. Then I opened to check (this is at 2 minutes), my food was ice cold.

Any ideas? What the heck?

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Hi, Is the turntable sitting correctly on the motor spindle and roller ring and is it turning smoothly when it is operating? 2 minutes is not long enough for frozen food to defrost especially if you had it set on a defrost mode. It then depends on how much, the density of the food etc was being defrosted.

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It's under warranty, take it back and get one that works.

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