right before it goes off I have a humming noise

I too have this problem but right before it goes off i have a humming noise ...any help would be nice i took it into be repaired it came back the same

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@marileepei who repaired it for you? Did it work for a while? what did they tell you they replaced? How long does it stay on before it starts humming and shutting down? Can you then turn it back on or do you have to wait for a while? what exact make and model is your TV?

it was a man here in pei that fixed it for me ..im not sure how old it is as i bought it second hand ... it comes back on on it's own after a minute or two ,,,first comes the humming then it goes dark and then comes back on ...obviously the man that fixed it after having it for months did not fix it at all but took my money

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