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iPhone screen non-responsive, buggy. 4 lines sometimes on right side?

I dropped my phone yesterday, maybe a 2 foot drop onto grass with no cosmetic damage. About 6 hours later, my phone screen got incredibly buggy and sometimes non-responsive. It was thinking I was holding down an icon when I was not touching the screen and then started grabbing a few apps and completely rearranged them. It would also switch to spotlight mode and get stuck there. When the screen was responding, it was registering my touch to be a few inches in any direction from where I was actually pressing. Restarting the phone fixes it perfectly for maybe 2 minutes, then the issue starts up again. I also see 4 lines going down the right side of the screen. But they disappear after a few seconds.

I noticed the top right corner of the screen is a little loose and can be pushed inward, if that offers any extra possibilities.

My phone is jailbroken, so I thought it may be a tweak incompatibility issue, but I have not installed or updated any tweaks in the past 2-3 weeks, so I've ruled out that possibility.

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You will have to risk and open it ( follow the instruction here on iFixit- don't be afraid). If you are lucky is just LCD connection - check visually for any damage and AFTER you disconnect battery- reconnect LCD and Digitizer cables.

If problem persist you will have to replace LCD - it is not so hard and definitely not very expensive (LCD and digitizer are usually assembled together.

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It's most likely an issue with the display as you've said the glass is pushing up from the top right indicating that the digitizer has probably become damaged. You will probably need to get the display replaced. I tried gluing the glass back down to the front display plastic housing but that didn't help in my case.

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