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Cooling fan in the process of dying?

My MacBook Pro has begun to make noises - kind of a rhythmic rattle. It can get pretty loud. Sounds like it is coming from the left rear side of the body, which should be about where the left cooling fan is located.

I'm fairly confident the fan is going, but I'm curious if there is any way to confirm it, and/or fix it short of pulling it out and putting a new one in. Any chance it's just some dust or dirt? Or should I just go ahead and try replacing the fan?


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I would open up the computer to try cleaning first and to check for a loose object touching the fan. If that does not cure it I would replace the fan. Use the ID guide to find the correct guide for your computer.


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my dads macbook pro is having the same problem in the right fan, it sounds like a grinding / rattling noise

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