My z5 screen is blank

My Xperia z5 screen just went blank I have replaced the screen and the same the new screen its just blank

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Do you get any charging led at top of screen?

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Yes i do it switches on but it doesn't seem to be booting up i will upload a video on you tube and you can see what it is doing

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Double check the ribbon cable that connects to the front display ribbon cable if it's plugged in properly. It can become loose before putting the phone back together completely. Also check if this long ribbon connector is connected firmly to the logic board too.

What model number is the Sony Xperia Z5? There are a few models of this phone in particular and if you put the wrong screen it might be causing this issue as it may be incompatible.

There should be a tab in one of the sim card or microSD card slot that you can pull out to get the model number.

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