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Black Screen when starting the device

Hey guys,

I have an almost 3 years old macbook pro. Since two months the screen stays black when starting the computer. I know the computer is running because I hear the sound and I can see my desktop when using an "external" display.

Additionally I know that the screen actually does work because when I start the computer I can see a white screen and then the apple sign...afterwards it turns black.

I've brought it to the mac store but they didn't find out what the problem is (probably wanted to sell a new one to me, but I don't have the money at the moment). Once they just mentioned something about a temperature sensor...

Any ideas?



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Hi, The first thing to do is to hook up an external monitor and see if you have video. If you do then the problem is in the cables to or the LCD itself.If not you have a problem with the logic board and I would have your serial number checked to see if your computer is covered by the recall. Assuming you have a cable or LCD problem I will include the link for repair. Choose your model and click. Good luck.

MacBook Pro 15"

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Well, with an external monitor it does work...if it is the logic board it would be costfully, right?

thanks anyways...

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No if ti works with an external monitor the logic board should be good. Look for a loose or bad cable to the LCD first as they are cheaper and easier to replace.

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thanks...I'll check it when I find time...I'll report if it will work or not...

by the way I just noticed that the graphic card in my macbook pro officially is known to cause problems and that there is an "exchange/repair" programm. Do you think I sould take advantage of this?

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one more question...if it would be a bad cable or a wrong connected cable, wouldn't I expect then the screen to stay black all the time? Because when I start the computer I see the white screen with the gray apple and then it suddenly dissapears...

thanks again...

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