The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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DSi touch screen flashes and then turns off


I just bought a DSI from ebay for 20 pounds and when i received it was REALLY dirty so i took a sponge with a little water and soap and cleaned, i was doing it careful but i failed

after that i putted the battery back in and the DSi turned on normally but then i tried testing the cameras and it powered off and after that the bottom screen flashes and turns off

What i think it happened is water got in the screen and it creates a little short preventing the DSi from detecting the upper screen so it turns off

what worries me though is that there was also some soap on the sponge too, do you think it will be fine after it dries up?

its not like i pured a bucket of water and soap, it was a little water and soap .

i can confirm that theres some water and soap inside it now :/

Also i noticed when i shake it it turns on for longer

i feel like the dumbest person on earth right now

Help is much appreciated, thanks

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So I'm sure your suspicions are correct about soap and water getting in there. You're going to need to open the system up to get to the board so if you don't have it now, you're going to need a tri-wing bit to get into the case as most of Nintendo's systems and games have a security bit.

Once you have your tri-wing bit, you're going to follow this guide to get at the motherboard...

Nintendo DSi Motherboard Replacement

When you have the motherboard out, get some rubbing alcohol (best to have as close to 90% as possible) and some q-tips/cotton balls/soft cloth and start washing your board and pieces down with the alcohol. This will remove any soap and water residue in there. While you're in there, give your other parts a washing as well. Just be careful when disassembling as you don't want to tear any ribbons or break ribbon clips (I've done that plenty of times).

Good luck and be patient. You should have the system back up and running with that cleaning.

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I didn't mention this and im sorry but

The DSi ended up fixing itself

after 8 hours it was running normal again!

Thanks for your help anyway, i appreciate it

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