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Ripped the home button cable, can I still fix it?

I took apart my phone and ripped the home button cable, but I didn't tear the cable, I detached it from the screen side. Now the home button does not work at all. I was wondering if there was an easy way to reattach it instead of having to buy a new part. I know the touch ID might not work, but I just want to regain the home button's abilities.

Just to be clear, the cable was not ripped in any way, as you can see by the pictures below it was separated near the home button.

Block Image

Block Image

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You're going to have to replace the home button. Fixing this is very tricky as it requires a some soldering skills I'm not sure if this is even possible with a soldering iron and a microscope. You might need one of those expensive flex repair machines.

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I agree With Ben on this one you need to replace the home button which up till a few weeks ago was a death sentence for your phone but you can now replace the home button and not end up with error 53. you will lose the touch id function of the home button when you replace it but there is a fix for the errror that will come up when you update the phone after replacing the home button

a help for replacing the home button

iPhone 5s Home Button Replacement

replacement part

iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly

Hope this helps

iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly 이미지


iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly


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