4 inch display / Available in a variety of colors / Released in 3 different models / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Anyone here do a screen replacement before? Have a question

Im looking into replacing a friends screen. On amazon im seeing screens with some cables on the top and i see some prongs.

Are those just (i dont know how to describe it) pull out and push in ends into the screen? Or are the soldered on? If anything else, PLEASE let me know! :)

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Done it before and I will never recommend doing this. It was a pain to install as the first time I did this, I burnt out the charging port because I didn't cover the soldering joints for the charging dock connector so that it doesn't touch the metal plate that sits on top of the logic board and under the front display.

Also broke the wifi antenna cable and had to order a new battery. Another time I broke the LCD ribbon cable which is then a waste a money. I say do not repair it and buy a phone to replace the ipod.

The ipod touch 5th generation is hard to repair and is not worth repairing IMO.

I've only repaired this successfully two times out of 4.

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I heard a pop when repiring mine. and now the screen is just black. what do you think I broke.? it still makes noise when I plug it in.

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