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Upper component cable not fits to logic board

Hi. First, sorry for my bad English.

I just disassembled my iPhone 5s and re-assembled.

Then I found volume up button is not working though I can't find any problem in its cable.

Volume down, volume control and power button which connected together in its cable works well, but only volume up button does not working.

Then I found that this cable isn't connected well to logic board so I tried to re-connect it but it didn't went as my expect.

It doesn't fits well and it is connected obliquely.

If I push the floated side of the connector to connect it, the connector comes out and I can't connect it well.

What would be the problem? Do I have to replace the entire cable?

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i don't get it , you mean you can't put the volume button flex cable in the right place so the volume up button can't work? did the volume button flex cable even got broken?

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I mean flex cable isn't in the right place, and I'm not sure that volume up button isn't working because of it. Flex cable didn't broken

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If I had to guess you've either damaged the cable or you've possibly damaged the socket connector on the logic board. The easiest thing to do, would be to try a different cable, to rule that out

This guide has most of what needs to be done, but not all of it. Guessing you don't need the guide too much?

iPhone 5s Volume Controls Replacement

Here's parts. In case you don't have an extra one laying around

iPhone 5s Audio Control and Power Button Cable

iPhone 5s Audio Control and Power Button Cable 이미지


iPhone 5s Audio Control and Power Button Cable


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Well, that might be a problem but it's too wasteful to buying new cable. Actually we don't know the exact reason.

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You can just change the volume in settings

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