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Need help identifying iPhone 5S screws

We are in the middle of helping someone change her iPhone 5S glass top. We had to close up shop before the process was complete, so we essentially jumbled several screws in a prescription pill bottle with minimal documentation on what screw went where.

At this point, we removed the cracked glass, scraped off some old adhesive and placed the new glass on top of the LCD with no LOCA (the kit she bought didn't include any).

We're afraid of putting the wrong screw in place, and worse, creating long-screw damage on the underlying cable(s).

Will a micrometer from, say Harbor Freight, adequately identify the specs (like length) of the screw?

Any thoughts on completing the process from here would be welcome as well.

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lkvee I'd go with a vernier caliper (instead of micrometer) and measure the screw length to compare those with the ifixit guides. That way you know the length of the screw and the location of each screw.

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The demagnetized screw goes to the top right

The two identical screw goes to the bottom

The remaining one goes to the top left

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