Replacing Firewire port. Where to buy?

Thought I might get my original 5GB iPod in working order and stick one of these flash SD setups. I just learned about these DIY mods a few months ago and am sorting through lots of new reading material…Interesting stuff!

Anyways, the iPod has been in a box somewhere , for more than 5 years now. Bought it used and besides replacing the battery once or twice, had no problems with it.

Then I started to notice, that I had to hold the firewire cable at a certain angle to the iPod to charge it up. At first it was no big deal. Just plug it in and gently push the cable in one direction or another. Like it was lining up one or more pins between the cable and plug.

It just seemed like the port was showing its age, and not as tight as when new.

Eventually it got to where it would take too long to find the 'hot spot' so it would charge. Had to hold it 'just' right and hope it would stay in that position after you walked away. Too much of a hassle so I stopped using it.

I've never seen iPod firewire components for sale anywhere, but haven't really looked either. I haven't looked at the innards as of yet, but I'm hoping it's no big deal to replace the component, or the board it's on. Or solder a new female firewire plug into the old brick.

Whatever works and is cheap.

Anyone have a similar experience with a 1st release iPod? Any advise?


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US$100.00 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Mouser Electronics

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I own a few 1st & 2nd Gens and it is pretty much impossible to update it with an SDXC or Compact Flash cards. Have tried iFlash adapter as well as the generic CF to 50-pin ATA. Don't know why it doesn't like them.

As for as the Firewire port, digikey or mouser is your best bet.

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