The HTC Wildfire S is a smartphone having a newer processor, Bluetooth 3.0 specification, and a screen with double the resolution.

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What are the advantages of rooting wildfire s?

i have a wildfire s a510e.really sad about the performance.most of the new google play apps are not responding.

if i root the phone using kingo root will i be able to increase the functioning power of it?

(i dont want to install a new os). i want to increase the functioning power only!

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iRoot might work too for rooting your phone, it's a windows application that somewhat does '1-click rooting'.

Rooting a Android device basically gives you system level (A.K.A Super User) access to files on your device. Note that you will probably have to S-OFF your device in order to root it first.

Instructions on how to S-OFF your device are here:

Benefits of rooting usually allows:

  • Installation of custom ROMs via custom recovery like ClockWorkMod, TWRP (Team-Win Recovery Project).
  • Custom flashing and installation of custom kernels which can improve overall performance of the phone.
  • Being able to use apps like Root Booster (I've only tested this on a device like the Samsung Galaxy S5 but not other devices like HTC.) which requires root of course to use the app.

Remember that unlocking your bootloader or S-OFF will void the warranty on your device. But your device probably doesn't have warranty if it's past 1 year so nothing much to worry about :).

Rooting by itself will not increase the performance of the phone.

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