My laptop is not charging after swapping for new battery

Hi All,

I have been having some issues with my macbook pro lately. I have early 2011 unibody MAcbook pro. And the battery hasd been working pretty well for the past years. 6 mnths ago the battery started showing signs of weariness. A month ago it started tofail on me. I saw videos on ifixit on how to change the batteries and decided to buy battery and change it myself.

I bought a new battery off ebay and plugged it in. The battery started working , however because the battery was bloated , I was not able to use my track pad very well. I complained on Ebay that they have provided me with a faulty batter and they sent me out another one. I tried fixing this new battery this time. However now the mag safe shows green light , however the battery has an 'X' over it and not charging. I tried Resetting SMC and still no change. I swapped it to the battery that was working before and now even the working battery is showing "X" and not charging which is very wierd.

Does anyone have any idea what happened ? I am really concerned about this as the other battery was working . Now I might have to take to the Genius bars and these guys will charge a fortune ?

Any tips on how to fix this issue ?

I tried reading through the forums and so far have tried resettin SMC a dozen times and connecting and reconnecting battery a dozen times.

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