Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Need opinions on 3DS touchscreen damage, Digitizer or LCD damage?


I just want a second opinion on what components my 3DS touchscreen have been damaged before I order the replacement parts.

My opinion is that the green tint is from the digitizer layers coming apart (was previously blue tint rather than green, as it became more worn out it turned into a green tint) and that the pixel bars on the bottom is evident of LCD damage.

Your thoughts?

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Well luckily with the Nintendo products, there is no digitizer. Nintendo touchscreens are reactive to the X/Y coordinates of where you touch with the stylus. This is also why you need a special stylus for phones and tablets since they have digitizers. There are interesting YouTube videos on the differences.

With that, all the damage is within the lower LCD, the green tint and pixelated lines. If you've noticed the touchscreen not working in places, then that'll need to be replaced. If not, just buy a new LCD off eBay and take your time peeling the touchscreen away from the LCD to adhere to the new LCD.

Good luck!

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