Sub-par CPU performance, 4SNS-IB0R sensor failure

Hi guys,

My MBP 2011 is currently running at half-speed or so (Geekbench measures just under 50% score of a normal Early 2011), kernel_task usage has spiked leaving the MBP pretty near unusable. I've done the software fix of removing the .plist from the ACPI_SMC kext and now it's sort of usable, but definitely not pre-fix levels of fast. Power button also requires a few tries to get the MBP running, usually on first press the sleep indicator light slowly lights up and switches off.

AHT indicates a 4SNS-IB0R sensor failure, value 9.166. I've cleaned the logic board but issue still remains. SMC reset changes nothing.

Is it possible to attempt a hardware fix by replacing an SMD onboard or is the board junk?


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Did you get the system wet?

Is it the i7 CPU model? @danj - same issue as the 15" but no class action suit for the 13".

@Dan: Nope, no water damage or anything.

@mayer: Nope, i5 2.3GHz.

For what it's worth, running Windows 7 under Boot Camp makes the system run fast as it should but I'm not having a MBP to run Windows, that's what my Thinkpads are for.

Did you scan it with ClamAV? I would even Mac's can get viruses.

Nope, cause this symptom persists even with a swapped HDD and a fresh installation of OSX, and mostly alleviates with removing MacBookPro8,1.plist from IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext. The issue right now is the CPU refuses to run at anything other than bare minimum speed, which I believe is related to the 4SNS-IB0R error?

I might give it a try though.

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